Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy

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Are you suffering from occasional migranes due to your stiff neck?

Are you having back ache problems due to long hours at the computer and no time to exercise?

Are you having muscle aches and have problems even lying down to sleep?

Instead of resorting to drugs and medication, a good alternative to try is remedial massage therapy. Remedial massage is a holistic treatment; that is, a treatment for the whole of the body, as well as the area being treated.

Remedial massage uses several specialized skills to locate and repair damage and speed up the body’s repair mechanism. A professional remedial massage therapist has to draw on his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, related pathology and the techniques of Swedish massage, heat and cold therapies, Kinesthetics and many other related fields for a complete treatment.

Also, the professional massage therapist will use information about your lifestyle, being your food diet, exercise regime, medical history, etc. for diagnosis.

Remedial massage can involve gentle to strong strokes as well as shallow to deep strokes. It works on the fact that soft muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia is responsive to touch. Sensitive points in the muscles often refer to pain in other parts of the body. For instance, headaches may originate from muscles in the neck and pelvic pains can be caused by certain areas in the abdominal and pelvic area. Remedial massage helps to stimulate blood flow in these areas, thus reducing pain, swelling and pain, and speeding up the body’s natural healing process.

Remedial massage is one of the most effective and natural treatment for stress related conditions. Balance is ultimately restored to your body system when your body parts are functioning optimally. You feel a sense of renewal and more energized that ever before!

What You Need To Know About Getting Help From A Specialist For Neck Pain

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Are you looking to find an osteopath near you to help with neck pain? You will see that many claims to be a right neck professional. While a few of them can measure up to that claim, there are lots of others who fall short. Hence, you will have to be careful and select the right neck expert who can supply the ideal treatment for issues like stiff neck pain.

It is essential that you apply care while choosing the individual to treat you because the chances of removing the pain that is torturing a vital part of your body lie in their hands. They need to not focus on getting rid of the symptoms but offer an irreversible solution by getting rid of the cause.

Should you see an osteopath or a GP?

The primary decision that you will have to take to locate the right neck pain specialist in Melbourne is to comprehend whether you want to obtain the services of an osteopath or that of a general physician. While both of them cater to the task, it is the former who features more experience in dealing with that particular region of your body. You will have to comprehend that an osteopath may utilise an unconventional method to deal with the neck pain. However, the general doctor will put to use the rules of medicine. Each of them features their share of benefits and drawbacks, therefore, doing the job of selecting between them a hard one.

It is necessary to keep in mind that though several individuals function as a neck expert, the approach adopted by one might not be the very same as the other. There are numerous kinds of experts depending upon the treatment method utilised. You will observe that a particular set of experts employ an alternative form of medicine that includes massage therapy and hydrotherapy, while there is another set that recommends the use of modern-day drugs to help eliminate the pain.

Some individuals also base the selection of the neck professional based on the very first reaction of the expert on their case history. In specific cases, the neck professional may not show self-confidence in treating you after understanding your case history. This can end up being a reason for the issue if you proceed to carry out treatment from them. Instead, opt for a neck expert who is utterly confident about assisting you to eliminate the pain from the root. Precaution is better than remedy – thus guarantee you take a well-notified choice when choosing the neck professional to treat you.

Fundamental of Massage Therapy

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Massage is another remedial procedure that occupies an important place in Naturopathy. Actually massage has had a very long history, dating back to ancient times. Massage has been used therapeutically for thousands of years in India, China, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc.

Massage has a very salubrious effect on the organs and systems of the body as detailed below:

(1) Skin: The beneficial effects of massage on the skin are unequalled. The pores of the skin are opened up, thus helping of the elimination of poisons from the body through perspiration.
(2) Muscles: Massage reduces the tension in the muscles and relieves muscular pain. Strenuous exertion results in the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Massage helps to rid the muscles of this acid and thus imparts a feeling of freshness and vigour.
(3) Circulation of the blood: The circulation of the blood in the part being massaged is speeded up, so that the part is supplied with more nutrients, and its healing powers are augmented. The accelerated circulation reduces swelling. There is an increase in the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen and to utilize it effectively.
(4) Nerves: Slow and gentle massage with light pressure relieves tension of the nerves and soothes them. Vigorous massage stimulates lax nerves and increases their efficiency.
(5) The digestive system: Massaging the abdomen
stimulates the digestive system, and promotes better elimination of wastes. The resistive powers of the body are strengthened due to the increase in the efficiency of the liver.
(6) The urinary system: Massaging activates the urinary system. As a result the process of elimination of toxic substances from the body through the urine is accelerated by the formation of greater quantities of urine.
(7) The heart: Systematic massage will reduce the burden on the heart, and thus increase its efficiency.

Normally dry palms are used for massage; but if the skin is too dry or if the body is excessively weak, wet cloth or soothing oil may be used. Among oils, sesame (til) oil is the best for this purpose. Some people use talcum powder for reducing friction while massaging, but this practice is not desirable, as the pores of the skin get clogged up.

Method: The process should begin with massage of the arms and legs. Next the chest, abdomen, back and buttocks should be massaged, in that order, finishing with the face and the head. Cloth should be used for massaging the back. As far as possible, we should massage ourselves with our own hands so as to combine the benefits of massages with those of exercise also to a certain extent. Those who are too weak to do so may take the help of others.

A massage should preferably be followed by a bath with lukewarm water.
If suffering from high blood pressure, the direction of massaging movements should be reversed, i.e. from head to foot.

What is Sports Massage?

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I guess may of you have heard about sports massage and its techniques and benefits. But, although everything about sports massage has already been said, there is nothing much nicer than continue learning new things about the massage and reviewing what you have learned from it. It is for this fact that this article is written.

Sports massage, as you may know, is a form of massage that is applied for sports purposes, hence the name. It is the technique of kneading and manipulating the soft tissues in the body to help athletes improve their performance, prevent and treat sports injuries. It is highly considered in the field of sports knowing that as the participation in sports becoming more popular at all genders and ages and as performances continue to improve annually, more is expected and demanded from the athletes. It is with this situation that athletes start looking for some effective ways to boost their performances, and sports massage is one of the best solutions they’ve ever discovered.

What Happens During a Sports Massage Session?

Sports massage is typically used in three courses: before, during and after the athletic events. Before the event or the application of the massage, it is typical that the sports massage therapist will take a sort of medical history to determine your past and present health condition. Included in the study is the relevant information about your particular sport, your past and present health condition, and the injuries that you may have suffered. This special check up is considered for the notion that every sports massage treatment will be unique to every individual and the sport. So as individuals and sports differ, with different athletic goals and state of fitness, the response to the treatment will also be different.

There are other sorts of examinations that will be undertaken throughout the sports massage session. More of these tests are aimed at boosting your strength and flexibility, so it’s no wonder that also considered during the session is a pain-free range of movements. Well, all of the manipulations involved in the massage are “hands on”. The sports massage therapist will then employ a combination of exercises and massages for one particular purpose, that is, to strengthen and release the soft tissues in the body for them to function properly. But, the question is, is sports massage a treatment that involves only “hands on” manipulation? My answer to that is “No” as there are some instances that machinery and infrared are considered for added benefits.

Sports massage also involves the use of different techniques of massage, such as neuromuscular therapy, acupressure, soft tissue releases, and trigger point therapy. These techniques are usually combined, but when it comes to treating sports injuries, the type of massage that is commonly considered is the so-called remedial massage. With this technique, athletes are expected to feel energized, balanced, and ready for new action in the end.

What Makes Sports Massage So Special?

Sports massage offers a number of benefits to the athletes. As mentioned earlier, it helps to make the athlete feel good, but more to that, the massage has the power to reduce the blood pressure and the heart rate. Numerous studies also revealed that sports massage helps to improve the lymphatic and blood flow, enhances flexibility, and provides relief for pain and muscle tension. All of the techniques involved during the massage session are even deemed ideal for promoting greater athletic performance and endurance, for reducing recovery time, and of course, for lessening the chances of sports injury. All of these are possible with sports massage.